Forensic Experts

Alcohol BAC Calculations

MEWA’s ‘drink-drive’ experts and BAC calculation experts regularly provide reports including alcohol BAC (blood alcohol concentration) calculations and assessment of the viability of hip flask defences and spiked drinks.

Chemistry & Chemical Analysis

MEWA’s chemistry experts can analyse and report on the presence and significance of chemicals or their residues.

Drugs & Toxicology

MEWA’s drug & toxicology experts regularly advise on drug usage and street valuation of both legal (such as prescription medicines e.g. diazepam and alcohol) and illegal substances.

Fire Investigation

Our fire investigation experts can help in determining causation, mechanism and analysis of how fire started by reviewing the physical evidence at the scene of a fire and taking into account background information from witnesses and emergency service personnel

Forensic Strategy Review

Our Forensic Strategy Review Expert can help identify points of discrimination by examining the known information about a crime and the accounts of any witnesses or defendants.

Forensic Accountants

Our skilled and in-depth team of forensic accountancy and investigation experts can help you and your clients resolve disputes cost-effectively and as quickly as possible.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

Our experts can offer advice, examinations and evaluation of all manner of mobiles, tablets and computers such as recovery of deleted data and in cases where Indecent Images of Children or Extreme Pornography have been identified.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis & Interpretation

Our bloodstain experts routinely carry out interpretation of bloodstain patterns at scenes of violent crime and on items of clothing taken from suspects or victims.

Computing & Digital Evidence

MEWA’s Computer and Digital Experts employ specialist techniques to safely examine digital storage media and devices ensuring their findings are suitable for presentation in criminal, civil, or other court proceedings.

Firearms & Ballistics

Our team of firearms experts has extensive experience of the matters involving firearms and ballistics.

Engineering Measurements

Our engineering experts can prepare reports where specific measurements need to be established, i.e. the physical parameters of an incident.

Glass Fragments & Materials Transfer

MEWA experts can prepare detailed forensic reports regarding significant aspects of the evidence, including secondary and tertiary transfer issues. They can analyse glass from a scene and compare it with sample collected from a person’s clothing.

Road Traffic Accidents

We can prepare reports on all types of criminal and civil cases involving the use of motor vehicles by our Road Traffic Accident Experts (RTA Experts) who are well trained and experienced

Mobile Phone Attribution & Connection Record Charting

Our experts can advise on the weaknesses of the presented attribution and assess if there is any further supporting or conflicting evidence as Phone attribution reports are commonly found in large-scale drug and organised crime prosecutions.


MEWA’s Video Experts, CCTV Experts and Facial Recognition Experts can scrutinise imagery and provide detailed forensic reports.


Our wounding experts’ experience of mark formation on non-regular surfaces and analysis of photographs showing the shape of injuries has proved critical in cases involving footwear marks on bodies, knife wounds and injuries caused by weapons of a distinctive shape.

Body Fluids

MEWA panel of UK wide experts routinely prepare reports on distribution, presence or absence of body fluids, such as semen and saliva or cells shed from the body which can be significant, particularly in sexual assaults.

Damaged Clothing

Our experts can distinguish between cutting and tearing, stabbing and slashing, and the use of single or double edged blades. differentiate between fresh or recent damage from normal wear and tear. They can test suspected weapons to see if they produce damage similar to that seen on a garment.

Footwear Marks

Our footwear experts can carry out footwear mark and shoe comparisons at short notice.

Explosions & Explosives

MEWA’s explosions and explosives experts can help with cases related to the Explosives Act, the Terrorism Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Health & Safety

Regarding Health & Safety our experts can comment on Accident causation, Risk assessments and working procedures

Paints & Other Surface Coatings

MEWA paint experts and surface coatings experts specialise in the transfer of paint and other materials.

Textile Fibre Analysis

Our Textile Fibre Experts who can assist with your case

Cell Site Analysis

MEWA experts can conduct readings on 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) technologies on all UK and Ireland mobile telephone networks using specialist surveying equipment and take static readings inside or outside a location of interest or conduct drive surveys.

DNA Profiling

Our DNA experts can provide interpretation of DNA profiling results in relation to criminal proceedings, including assessment of sampling strategies, secondary transfer and persistence issues

Cold Case Reviews (Overview Reports)

Our Experts can provide useful reports in cold case reviews and complex cases such as those with multiple defendants or in historic inquiries

Fingerprint Experts

Our Fingerprint Experts can scrutinise and evaluate all the factors pertinent to the fingerprint evidence and can provide through assessment to help both prosecution and defence.

Tool & Weapon Marks

Our tool mark experts can examine surface marks microscopically and can examine photographs of surface wounds to enable us to link or exclude the marks recovered from an incident with a particular tool or weapon.

Personal Injury

Our engineering experts, chemistry experts and biological systems experts can prepare reports on accidents in the workplace, in public places and in the home.




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