CCTV and Facial Mapping

Security Camera CCTV with blue sky

We have Facial Recognition Experts, Video Experts and CCTV Experts who can scrutinise videos and imagery and provide detailed forensic reports.

We can prepare reports-


We can report and prepare presenting one set of diagrams on summarising substantial information in an easily understandable format.

 Facial Mapping

Our experts can prepare reports comparing photographs of known suspects or objects with evidence images in the evidence.

 Image Improvement


noise removal,

image optimisation

specialist forensic imaging technology

frame stabilisation and frame averaging.

 Tracking Markers and Analysis of Events

To follow the actions of specific individuals, our expert can help apply tracking markers.

  • independent analysis of blood or urine samples for the presence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Reports on the effects of exposure to drugs, medications, solvents and chemicals on judgement, inhibitions and memory.




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      I have been working with MEWA since last 3 years as an expert witness in Psychiatry. MEWA team is very professional, responsive and efficient in their work which has helped in improving my expert witness profile immensely. I highly recommend them.

      Dr J S

      I have been working with MEWA since it started. The response and communication is prompt. The teams is helpful. I am happy to recommend to my fellow experts

      Dr S