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MEWA maintains relationships with a comprehensive network of medical experts representing all major specialties in UK & Ireland. We also draw on our extensive network for referrals and recruitment if you have very specific geographic or sub-specialty requirements for your case. Should specialists in our network be unavailable or conflicted, our expert liaison team stands ready to rapidly recruit the best expert to suit your specific needs.


Our team of experts are able to provide any medical reports for criminal cases. We can assess causation of injuries, fitness to plea and instruct, sanity at the time of offence, fitness for prison, vulnerable witnesses and are able to provide expert witness services. We can also offer specialist forensic medical and psychiatric assessments. Our 5000+ panel includes experts in all medical specialties.


Our specialist panel of nationwide medical experts in a wide range of specialties to cover all industrial diseases:

  • Industrial Deafness
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma
  • Dermatitis
  • Vibration White Finger (HAVS)


We can prepare Liability and Causation along with Condition and Prognosis report for any case when a medical diagnosis, a surgical procedure or a hospital treatment goes wrong in the NHS or privately, and the mistake or accident was due to incompetence or lack of judgement by a doctor, surgeon or healthcare professional. We have medical, nursing and experts in all health related fields to provide legal professionals with one stop service.


We are able to provide independent medical reports from experts in all medical fields for discretionary leave, asylum claims and ECHR claims. We can provide reports on the impact deportation could have on their physical and mental health. We can also provide reports on treatment and services available in applicant’s home countries.


We have experts in all medical fields with considerable experience in providing professional medical and psychiatric assessments of clients appealing benefit decisions, including Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Work Capability Assessments, and take pride in our compassionate and thorough reports.


Our Experts are able to assist the court by providing expert witness reports on Parents and Children in Child and Family Law proceedings. We provide experts in all fields including Child and Adult Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Paediatricians and other medical experts who can comment on Child abuse, child protection, risk to children and necessary steps to manage the risk. We accept Legal aid and privately funded cases.

We are aware of the statutory timescales and thus provide the flexibility to turn around reports within tight deadlines. We can assess clients wherever they are based, including care homes, hospitals and home visits.


Our team of medical experts have amassed a wealth of experience in producing high quality medico-legal reports to assist individuals who have suffered with range of physical and mental injuries. We can prepare Liability and Causation along with Condition and Prognosis report for any case including work accidents, stress at work, Equality and Disability Act, impact of childhood abuse and road traffic accidents amongst others.


We provide independent psychiatric reports for clients subject to detention under the Mental Health Act, including both Section 2, Section 3, Section 47/49 and Community Treatment Orders (CTO) in England and Wales. We address whether the criteria for detention are met, that guiding principles are being adhered to and that the least restrictive options have been given due consideration. We also provide independent psychiatric reports for Mental Heath Act in Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have experts who provide comprehensive and efficient incapacity assessments for Welfare and Financial Guardianships under the Mental Capacity Act


We are able to assess the physical and mental health of individuals facing eviction from their home and repossession, and the impact this will have on their mental and physical health. We have medical, nursing and experts in all health related fields to provide legal professionals with one stop service.


Our GP and Medical experts in all medical fields can assess injuries and symptoms to provide detailed medical report for the purpose of your clients’ compensation claim.


We are able to assess testamentary capacity to make or change a will.


Our extensive panel of Medical Experts can provide a comprehensive expert witness independent assessments for Employment Solicitors and Employers and Individuals nationwide on a joint instruction and single instruction. Our experts can prepare court reports on any work related physical and psychological injury




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    Access to 5000+ Pre-eminent Experts in all medical, clinical and Forensic specialties

    Full UK & Ireland Coverage

    Free medicolegal screening and advice to legal professionals

    Urgent reports in 1-2 weeks

    Quick appointments and fast delivery of reports (2-3 weeks) as standard

    Experts with local knowledge- Our experts have experience of working in Europe, South Asian Countries, Africa and Middle East

    Multilingual Experts

    Male and Female Experts

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      What people say about us

      I have been working with MEWA since last 3 years as an expert witness in Psychiatry. MEWA team is very professional, responsive and efficient in their work which has helped in improving my expert witness profile immensely. I highly recommend them.

      Dr J S

      I have been working with MEWA since it started. The response and communication is prompt. The teams is helpful. I am happy to recommend to my fellow experts

      Dr S