Alcohol BAC Calculations

MEWA experts’ have extensive experience of dealing with offences under the Road Traffic Act 1988 including all types of ‘drink drive’ and ‘drug drive’ allegations.

Our expert can provide reports as below-

  • alcohol BAC (blood alcohol concentration) calculations
  • assessment of the viability of spiked drink and hip flask defences.
  • possible effects of alcohol and drugs on state of mind and physical capability at the time of the alleged offences.
  • independent analysis of blood or urine samples for the presence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Reports on the effects of exposure to drugs, medications, solvents and chemicals on judgement, inhibitions and memory.




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      I have been working with MEWA since last 3 years as an expert witness in Psychiatry. MEWA team is very professional, responsive and efficient in their work which has helped in improving my expert witness profile immensely. I highly recommend them.

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